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After our adventures with finding hotel the night before (and almost running out of gas in the middle of the night in suburbs of Trier), we decided to be more careful and start looking for a hotel early. We eventually decided that we'll start keeping our eyes open for a place at 6 and will settle on whatever is the best option we see by 7. At 6:30 we drove through a little town called Boppard, which seemed exactly like the kind of idyllic Rhein town that we hoped for: with enough accommodations for tourists yet not too touristy. We made it to the information center right as it was closed and a lady there found us a bed-and-breakfast for just 35 euros.

As it turned out, Boppard like Trier dated back to Roman times, though it remained a small town throughout its history. What I found most interesting about it is that the medieval and Roman ruins were treated in a somewhat matter-of-fact way. In particular, the medieval city wall served as a fence of several houses.

During our dinner in Boppard, I ordered Eisbein – pork knee. I was surprised to see that they brought me the whole thing – quite a large chunk of meet. Then I remembered we weren’t in France anymore.