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Back in February some guy climbed the tree in the middle of the Berkeley campus as a protest. (Sadly, most people seem to have never figured out what exactly he was protesting for or against, but it seemed like a rather long list of issues, from Berkeley’s plan to cut some ancient oaks to their ties with oil companies.) Berkeley police wasn’t happy about this and wanted to arrest him for trespassing, but decided to not drag him down from the tree – for the fear of liability, I heard. (They did drag down the poster that he had – part of the reason nobody was quite sure what he was protesting against.) So, instead, they camped near the tree, while he camped in the tree. Yes, he had a hammock, so he slept in the tree and he had a bucket with him to do you-know-what. They were at it for quite some time – two and a half weeks. He then finally agreed to come down in mid March. The police then cited him, supposedly for “tresspassing” and “illegal lodging.”